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About Us

Hello, welcome to Galabean!

Let us start by introducing ourselves, we are Carlos & Jessalyn, a couple who live in the heart of Toronto with our toddler Tay and rescue dog José

We started Galabean in 2017 when we took our annual trip to the Galápagos Islands to visit Carlos’ family. This trip was a little different as we went there with the intention of meeting with family coffee farmers and learning about their business. We also were looking for the most delicious beans with Galabean in mind. 

Much to Jess’ surprise, Carlos had another intention of his own, as he popped the big question at the top of Bartolome Island! The trip was a success, we were able to form partnerships with two farmers, and also meet the people who help run their plantations. Oh, and of course Jess said yes! 
The reason we created Galabean was a lot deeper than providing high quality specialty coffee from a unique place, we also wanted to connect people with a place that is very close to our hearts.

The Galápagos Islands is a UNESCO heritage site with some of the most endemic species on earth. Carlos’ dad was one of the first naturalist guides to settle in Galápagos, appearing on Discovery Channel documentaries with his name engraved in the Smithsonian museum. His mom and dad met there in the Galápagos and lived with Carlos in a small house made from volcanic rock for the first few years of his life. 

Today, coffee is being mass produced at the expense of workers and farmers being significantly underpaid. Our mission is to offer a specialty coffee that has full traceability from cup to farm, with the knowledge that all the amazing people behind the beans are paid justly and treated fairly. 

Our hope is that you will taste this coffee, and not only fall in love with the beans, but the land that they come from.